Youtube Video Downloader is the Fastest Youtube Video Downloader and it is the easiest way to download YouTube videos. As you know that, Youtube is the most popular video hosting platform and also the third most popular website in the world due to its convenience. On the other hand, the functionality of Youtube is limited when users try to download YouTube Videos for free or without permission. Youtube users can save only a small number of videos by using common methods.

SaveVid is the fastest youtube downloader and You can download YouTube Videos in the best quality for free. SaveVid is the most convenient YouTube video downloader! Download one video and see it for yourself. 

How to Download Youtube Videos using SaveVID

1. Copy Video’s Link

Find the Youtube Video that you want to download. Then click on the ‘share’ button below the Video, and select option ‘copy link’.

2. Paste the Video’s Link

Next, Paste the video's link into the Specific field on, then click the Download button.

3. Download Video displays all the available download links. Click on a download button and watch it on Desktop/Mobile. You can Download Video with sound and Video without Sound.

Is it legal to use a YouTube downloader?

Youtube is owned by Google and it doesn't allow you to download its content on your computer, mobile or any other device. However, if you are downloading any youtube Video for personal use, it is not illegal to download a YouTube video but It is considered as immoral. You’ll be thinking that how downloading can be immoral? YouTube makes money through advertisement and this platform provides free video content for Internet users and viewers in return watch few ads on specific videos or through Youtube Red subscription. But when you Download a Youtube Video to watch it offline, then you are out of the deal and don’t watch advertisements on specific videos. SaveVID respects the rights of Video owners and It discourages users to use youtube videos for anything that is against the youtube copyright protection terms and conditions. Copyright infringement is not allowed on SaveVid and we block downloading copyrighted content.

How to Download YouTube Videos Directly?

Youtube Go:

YouTube Go is a mobile application for Android devices which allows its users to download YouTube videos without any problem. So, you can download this app from the Google Play Store. Youtube GO enables you to download videos with different video quality options, and it can download the videos to mobile devices directly so that users don’t have to install any other third-party application or downloading through different Websites. Youtube GO is only available for Android users and it is not available for the Apple users.

YouTube Red:

Youtube RED is a monthly paid video subscription service by the YouTube, and purpose of this service is watching Videos without any advertisement. As there are too many ads on Youtube Videos and majority of people want to watch ads free videos. So, Youtube has released a Paid Service for them. Talking about Its downloading feature, the major reasons behind this application is YouTube Red can replace a YouTube Video Downloader is that it enables users to save videos for watching them offline without Internet, and also listening to the YouTube even when the screen is off. This service is an official service by YouTube, so you won’t worry about any violation when downloading YouTube videos.

Copyright Protection of Youtube Videos

Downloading a Video from Youtube and using it in your own projects has major concerns of copyright protection. Youtube users thinks that there should not be any issue in downloading a video but on the other hand but media companies does not allow to give their product free of cost. Although it is impossible to stop people downloading content from Youtube and because of this the video creators makes less money. The video you do download from Youtube and for that specific Video you don’t own the copyright then you must use that video only for personal use. You must not distribute it or get financially benefit from that video which is originally property of someone else. If you want to get financial benefit then it must be done with the permission of the copyright owner.

We’ve worked day in and out to ensure that this powerful online video downloader is easy to use and quickly downloads all your desired videos and audios. 

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