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Vimeo is a worldwide popular video hosting website and it is designed for creative people. Vimeo is a platform that encourage users to upload high-quqality, high-resolution and high-bitrate Videos.

“The name "Vimeo" was created by co-founder Jakob Lodwick. It is a play on the word "video", inserting the word "me" as a reference to the site's dedication to user-made films exclusively."

You can upload, share and watch videos on Vimeo. It is very easy to download your favorite videos from Vimeo through SaveVid Vimeo Video Downloader. Copy and Paste the Videos link on SaveVid and Download Video in HD and SD quality. Enjoy watching offline Videos. Using our service Vimeo Video Downloader you don’t have to sign up as it is completely free of cost. If you worry about the safety of using Vimeo video Downloading softwares or mobile applications, just rush toward our Online Vimeo Video downloader that has been examined by Norton and McAfee to ensure that there is no Virus, just safe and clean to use.

How to Download Vimeo Videos

1. Copy Video’s Link

Find the Vimeo Video you want to download and copy its URL from the address bar in your browser.

2. Paste the Video’s Link

Next, Paste the video's link into the Specific field on, then click the Download button.

3. Download Video

Give the service a few seconds to check the URL and then choose your preferred quality. Enjoy watching offline Videos on your device.

SaveVid Vimeo Video Downloader

You should not Wonder about SaveVid Video Downloader that this Vimeo downloader can work on your device or not. You should not be confused at all as this Vimeo Downloader works perfectly with all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and many more. It is also worth mentioning that SaveVid Vimeo Video Downloader is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Using SaveVid or FastDownloader you will experience the fastest and smooth downloading process. There is no need of any installation just open your internet browser and connect with Video Video Downloader, paste the URL of the Video and download it in your required quality to enjoy watching it offline.

Download High Quality Vimeo Videos

To download Vimeo videos using SaveVid, you need to do copy paste the video URL address into and download the video on your device to watch it offline. With this free Vimeo video downloader, you can download any Vimeo video you want without restriction. It is worth mentioning that SaveVid viemo downloader supports downloading high-definition videos and keeps the original quality of the video for enjoying better experience. If SaveVid does not able to fetch any Vimeo link then there is no need to worry, we will suggest you a SaveVid alternate as FastDownloader the Fastest Vimeo Video Downloader.

Is it legal to download Video from Vimeo?

Downloading content from any video streaming website for commercial usage is prohibited and the websites do not allow users to download videos without permission of the content owner. On the other hand, you can download Vimeo videos for personnel use only by using Vimeo Video Downloader or any mobile application.  Vimeo itself has mentioned on its support forums that they cannot do much to prevent video download from its platform. As there are so many free tools, plugins and websites like SaveVid and FastDownloader through which you can download Vimeo Videos. If you want to use fully fledged encrypted streaming technology you should try SaveVid and FastDownloader.

YouTube vs Vimeo – Which One is Better

When it comes to uploading videos on the Internet, and are the two most common and popular platforms. That’s why it is often asked on the Internet about YouTube vs Vimeo – which one is better? Both Youtube and Vimeo are great platforms with respect to its advantages and disadvantages. YouTube and Vimeo are both ideal platforms for the WordPress videos. But it depends on what you are trying to do with your Content, one platform could be better than the other depending on Your Requirement. If you are a blogger and want to use videos for Subscribers then YouTube would be a better place for you. If you are building a Website with any membership option or selling different courses, then you need more privacy. So, Vimeo could be a better choice. If You want to earn money from your Videos then Youtube is a best place for You as Vimeo is an ads-free platform where you can’t earn money through advertisement on Your videos but you can sell your videos on Vimeo Pro account.

We’ve worked day in and out to ensure that this powerful online video downloader is easy to use and quickly downloads all your desired videos and audios. 

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