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Dailymotion is the Video Streaming website which allows users to upload and watch videos on the internet. Dailymotion is the most popular website after Youtube and It is ranked in the top websites of the world. Dailymotion offers a huge collection of popular videos: Songs, funny clips, music videos, movie trailers, sports videos and daily viral videos. You can use the following method to download your favourite Videos from Dailymotion.com SaveVid supports different video formats for Downloading the Video. It offers MP4 and Webm as the most convenient and appropriate formats. You can choose any resolution you require: 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p. 

It is important to have a website to download dailymotion videos in one click. Savevid provides you the platform to download Dailymotion videos for free.  Just copy the link of your favourite Dailymotion video, and paste it on SaveVid and download video in any available format. And the good thing is that it it absolutely free. No sign up needed!

Dailymotion is a best platform for the people who don’t particularly enjoy YouTube and Vimeo’s policies about the rights of content. There are significantly less claims for copyrights on DailyMotion, therefore it attracts many audience distracted from Youtube and Vimeo. 

How to Download Dailymotion Videos1

Step 1:  Copy Video’s Link

Find the Dailymotion Video you want to download and copy its URL by right clicking on the Video and select option 'Copy Link Address'

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Step 2: Paste the Video’s Link

Next, Paste the link of the video you'd like to download on SaveVid.org, then click the Download button to see all format options available.

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Step 3: Download Video

Choose the format you want, such as Video to Mp4 or any others, hit Download and get the file. Enjoy watching offline Videos on your device.

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Why isn't Dailymotion as popular as YouTube?

1. Dailymotion and Youtube both are the largest Video Streaming platforms. Dailymotion came after Youtube and Its still the second largest platform of Video Streaming.

2. DailyMotion and Youtube both provide Video monetization service but talking about the CPM Dailymotion does not provide as much Revenue as compared to Youtube. So, monetization of videos keeps the interest of the Video Uploaders.

 3. Dailymotion has a restriction of how much you can upload while youtube does not. On Dailymotion maximum length of Video is 60minutes but on Youtube there are no limitations.

4. Youtube is backed up By Google, thus you just need your Gmail account to join the Youtube community, while DailyMotion lacks any such feature.

5. Almost 85% of the SmartPhone users are using Android Phones and Android Application is owned by Google. So, every android phone has Youtube app as built-in app there for Dailymotion users are very limited as compared to Youtube.

5. Youtube has a live stream option but dailymotion does not. So, in this Global Village, live streaming feature of Youtube attracts the internet users.

Difference between YouTube and DailyMotion

Youtube and dailymotion both are Video streaming Websites but here we will discuss about the difference between the two tycoons of the Internet. The first difference between Dailymotion and Youtube is the limitations of time while uploading videos on Website. For Dailymotion users, the videos should be less than 60 minutes. On the other hand, Youtube has a different policy as Youtube allow uploading a video with unlimited duration. According to different facts available It is said that on YouTube alone, about 72 hours’ worth of video is uploaded in every single minute. This is a plus point for YouTube viewers that they can watch fresh new videos uploaded every second at any time at every refresh of page they see new content. Unfortunately, dailymotion is not so good in this department and that explains why YouTube is the largest video streaming platform of the World. As a result Dailymotion’s monthly traffic is 232 million whereas YouTube has more than 15 billion visits per month.

There are millions of videos on the second largest Video Streaming platform Dailymotion, but on the other hand, viewers are bypassed by most of Videos because of their busy lifestyles. This situation necessitates a Website like https://www.savevid.org/ or https://fastdownloader.net/that can easily download Dailymotion videos without any fuss for watching them offline. Further, you can also convert all your favourite videos you download from Dailymotion into usable formats for playing on any devices.

We’ve worked day in and out to ensure that this powerful online video downloader is easy to use and quickly downloads all your desired videos and audios. 

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